I am a Texas Certified High School Teacher in Mathematics (8-12) and Technology Applications (EC-12). I have been teaching since 2001,and I have taught students from grades 4th to 12th.  I have taught college computer courses on a part time basis for four years.  I taught a two week Summer Mathematics and Brain Teasers Class that I created, at Greenhill School in Addison, Texas for 10 years.

I was a Mathematics Major at Southeastern Louisiana University.  I spent 18 years in the United States Army, and I served in the Army Corps of Engineers. I retired as a Major in 1996. I grew up as a Military Brat.  My Father was a MSGT in the United States Air Force.

I also earned a Masters of Science Degree from Boston University in Computer Information Systems.  I love learning about new technology, I love mathematics and how it relates to our life.  I enjoy the challenges of working with students who have struggled with math, and someone making them get it and realize it is not as hard as they thought.

I currently teach Mathematics with  The Einstein School in Plano, Texas.  It is a private non-profit 501.c.3. school that serves 5th-12th grade.  I will be teaching 8th Grade Math, Algebra 1, Geometry and Math Models for this upcoming 2014-2015 School Year.

For more information about my school, please go to:



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